Saturday, 6 March 2010

Tim Holtz Thursday craft day

On Thursday I went round to Kaz's with Alisha for some crafting from our new Tim Holtz book, 'Compendium of Curiosities'. Kaz's craft room is like a fully stocked craft shop!Tried out lots of techniques including a jet of air and alcohol inks! (Bright 'splodge's' below middle)
This turned out most like modern art, both Luke and Ion thought this was the best one....not sure;)

I think I like effect of the mask (top right corner)best, along with the batik embossing (bottom right).
Enjoyed also making the alcohol inks on the fragment.
A great day!


Kaz said...

My favourite was definately the modern art..... -_-
the rest was brill though, I enjoyed trying all the new things, especially the batik and the embossing of metal, I'm going to have metal embossed everything now!!

Ali.. said...

hahahahahaha i enjoyed the modern art!! mind you i admit the others were better.. I really love your stuff :)